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LostCraft Is Back!

After taking a short break, LCR is back! We are still in heavy development, but the server is now live at mc.lostcraftreborn.com:25565

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Outlands Lore lostcraftreborn · 1 day ago
Server Updates lostcraftreborn · 6 days ago
Brewery info and Recipes lostcraftreborn · 19 days ago
Brewery lostcraftreborn · 19 days ago
Motd lostcraftreborn · 28 days ago
Outlands Lore
1 day ago

The Outlands Two thousand years ago, the mages of the Saedhthr discovered a land that existed outside of Tyndarik's reality. No method of entering into this world or leaving it was known. They could glimpse it using their scrying abilitie...

Server Updates
6 days ago

- added a short message to server resource pack to make it a bit clearer that it should be allowed.

- Cleaned up spawn info boards and removed redundant boards.

- Added a Hall of fame....and a hall of shame (leaderboards, and jail cells)

- Added a lore based map to spawn boards.

- added a portal back to spawn from the tutorial room.

- Added a quest system and implimented an introductory quest to spawn guide Scriba

- Added Iced Coffee, Pumpkin Spice Beer, and Red Bull to brewery. 

- Added Bard to tavern outside of spawn for ....atmosphere..

- Added Gsit

- Implemented afk kick. Milking afk to gain playtime is not productive

- Purged players who logged i...

28 days ago

Old players make sure you read the message of the day upon logging in. In short, make sure to visit the tutorial room under spawn , AND check out my shop at the shop district. I have a few items scattered throughout that either introduce a feature or provide a boost of some kind

Lesser Known Commands
about 1 month ago

Below I've listed some lesser known commands and features that players may not be aware of.


1. /actionhealth toggle --- toggles the heart health bar off or on

2. /arm sellback ---- opens a gui to sellback your region for a percentage of the cost. Use with caution as this will RESET THE REGION WIPING EVERYTHING ON IT.

3. /sk sources <skillname>---- lists each way of levelling a particular skill for auraskills. Additionally, players may find this useful as it lists all of the available commands for auraskills. Keep in mind our server may have a slightly different permission structure and setup. Commands | AuraSkills (aurelium.dev)

LCR is back!
2 months ago

LCR is back for good! After taking a short break due to life, medical issues, finances, etc, we are back! The server is now live, albeit still under heavy development. Drop by and get started making your faction the strongest.

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