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1.19 and the future
27 days ago

Server is currently down due to unexpected medical bills and will return tomorrow. 

However, I have decided that as 1.19 is a major update, I will be wiping the map. Very few players have played in the past month, so I do not expect many returns, but players will keep their rank, and their mcmmo stats. Economic balances/homes/inventories will be wiped. 

Server trailer :)
4 months ago

I'm terrible with video editing and creation but here we are. Server trailer

Recent Changes
4 months ago



1. Obsidian is now vulnerable to tnt. To check tnt health percentage, right click with a potato. Obsidian takes approximately 12 tnt to destroy within a small radius. This allows a persistent raider to destroy obsidian walls, while still providing a hefty reinforcement to a factions base. 


2. Directional warp portals have been removed. Wild remains in effect. 


3. A server meeting hall has been added to spawn. This hall is free to use for all factions and will also serve as a meeting place for council meetings. This leads to my next point. All factions should appoint a representative. Additionally, any faction that has a designated banner design sho...

Server upgrade and update
4 months ago

Over the last two days we have experienced a couple of hours of downtime. This was due to a hardware upgrade as well as updating to 1.18.2. I am pleased to announce that both have been completed. We are now running on a CPU: Ryzen 9 5950X


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