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Server Rules

Minecraft Server rules


- 1. No client modification or hacked clients
- 2. Player names and skins may not include racist, sexist, or homophobic design or words.
- 3. Do not ask for free items, rank, staff, etc. To keep things fair, no special treatment will be given to any player
- 4. Keep general chat civil. Swearing is allowed. Name calling, antagonistic chat, etc..are not allowed.
- 5. Communication in general chat must be in English. 
- 6. Impersonating staff or other players through the use of skin/nickname etc is not allowed
- 7. Advertising other servers, social media channels, etc is not allowed.
- 8. Trading in game items, information, etc, for real life money is not allowed. Trading items or information with in game currency is allowed and encouraged
- 9. Threats of violence, blackmail, or any other action that may affect another players real life is not allowed.
- 10. Spamming chat through the use of repeated or even similiar messages is not allowed. 
- 11. Hate speech, racism, and discrimination of any kind are prohibited in public chat.
- 12. Abusing a bug, glitch, exploit, etc, will result in an immediate ban. 
- 13. Multiple accounts per IP are limited. No more than 2 accounts per IP.
- 14. Any action that negatively affects server hardware, software, bandwidth, etc is prohibited.
- 15. Griefing of any server structure(spawn, shops, warp points, etc) is prohibited.
- 16. I can not possibly cover every scenario here. Use common sense. Remember that there is an actual human being behind every player character. Its not hard to treat each other with respect
- 17. Staff reserves the right to add too, remove, or change rules on this list.