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Server Rules

- => (✘) Hacks or client modifications are not allowed.

- => (✘) Vulgar or offensive names and skins are not allowed. 

- => (✘) Do not ask for OP or admin privileges.

- => (✘) Do not use excessive vulgarity in chat.

- => (✘) Swearing is allowed.

- => (✘) Directed swearing or name calling is not allowed.

- => (✘) Do not exploit server configuration or plugins.

- => (✘) Do not impersonate server staff.

- => (✘) Trading items for real life money is prohibited.

- => (✘) Bullying or real life threats is bannable.

- => (✘) Use of hate speech or slurs is bannable.

- => (✘) Attempting to hack/ddos/lag the server is bannable.

- => (✘) Do not advertise in public channels.

- => (✘) Please keep general chat in English.

- => (✘) Do not spam any chat channel.

- => (✘) Do not grief server builds such as spawn or shops.

- => (✘)I can not possibly cover every situation that may arise. If something violates the spirit of the rules, it is considered a direct rule break. If a staff member asks you to stop something, consider it a 1 time warning. Remember that for every in game avatar you interact with, there is a human player behind it. Treat each other with respect and empathy. You never know what kind of day someone is having or what is going on in their life. It costs nothing to be kind.