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Server Plugins and Features

  • AcceptTheRules: This plugin forces new players to both read and accept the rules before being able to properly play. Type /rules and click through and click accept and you will be promoted to the first playable rank: citizen
  • AdvancedRegionMarket: This plugin allows the server to sell shop plots within the shop district for players to create shops
  • AncientGates: This plugin allows the server to set up custom portals. One example is the spawn water portal that leads to the shopdistrict
  • AntiCombatLog: This plugin simply kills you if you log out while in combat. Nothing more nothing less. 
  • AuraSkills: This plugin is our alternative to mcMMO. Type /skills to view plugin information 
  • BetterRTP: This plugin allows players to type /rtp to teleport to a random location on the map.
  • ChatManager: Handles the display of chat, and allows the server to combat, toxic chat, advertising, and spam.
  • Coreprotect: Logs every block placed and broken. Used to track, rollback, and fix mistakes and griefing of server builds.
  • DecentHolograms: Allows the server to display holograms for information for players.
  • DiscordSRV: Provides a direct link between the minecraft server and the discord server.
  • Essentials: A core plugin that manages kits, the spawn room, teleportation, homes, and more.
  • Factions: A core plugin. This plugin allows players to group together, claim land and protect it from others. It also allows players to kill and raid. 
  • Farmlimiter: Keeps a handle on large mob farms, limiting how many entities can exist within a set amount of blocks.
  • Harbor: Allows players to sleep to skip the night.
  • Jobs: Our primary economy plugin. Allows players to choose a job and get paid for tasks they do anyway.