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Brewery info and Recipes
Started by lostcraftreborn



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05 May 2024
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22 Jul 2024

Disclaimer: not ALL recipes will be found here. Future recipes will be added. Effects, content alcohol etc, is subject to change. This is a barebones introduction guide

Useful Info:

The alcohol process includes three steps; 

1. Brewing: This is done in a cauldron above a campfire. Each cauldron full of water + ingredients yields 3 glass bottles of the initial brew. In the recipes, you will find ingredients, number of each, and time needed for brewing. Right clicking a cauldron with a clock after the ingredients have been added will give an estimate of how long the cauldron has been brewing.

2. Distilling: This is done in a brewing stand by adding three bottles of brewed base potions to the stand along with the customary glowstone_dust. In the recipe, you will find how many "distillate runs" are needed for this drink. 

3. Aging: This is done in a barrel. This is accomplished by placing brewed and distilled potions into the barrel for the specified number of years. Years = minecraft days. Not every drink requires aging. In the recipes you will find the time needed to fully age the drink, and the proper barrel wood for best results. Additionally, minecraft vanilla barrels can be used, but this will affect the quality. Brewery barrels can be created by placing 8 stairs on top of each other and placing a sign that says Barrel.


cookingtime: Time in real minutes ingredients have to boil
distillruns: How often it has to be distilled for full alcohol (0=without distilling)
distilltime: How long (in seconds) one distill-run takes (0=Default time of 40 sec) MC Default would be 20 sec
age: Time in Minecraft-days, the potion has to age in a barrel 0=no aging



          - Wheat/6
      cookingtime: 8
      distillruns: 0
      wood: 0
      age: 3
      difficulty: 1
      alcohol: 6


lostcraftreborn · 19 days ago