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27 days ago
1.19 and the future

Server is currently down due to unexpected medical bills and will return tomorrow. 

However, I have decided that as 1.19 is a major update, I will be wiping the map. Very few players have played in the past month, so I do not expect many returns, but players will keep their rank, and their mcmmo stats. Economic balances/homes/inventories will be wiped. 

28 days ago
Server still running?

My recent medical expenses were not entirely expected and left me in a bind, I dont get paid till friday and server is overdue. they wont delete it so I intend to pay the invoice friday. but in all likelihood will be resetting the map and starting from scratch for 1.19. I've averaged 1/2 player per day for a month. so I need to start over.


about 1 month ago
Brewery Recipes



      - Diamond/5

      - Sea_pickle/5

      - Cake/1

      - Crying_Obsidian/5

      - Amethyst_Shard/2

      - Golden_Apple/1

      - Glow_berries/1

    cookingtime: 6

    distillruns: 2

    distilltime: 33

2 months ago
More Weapons and JEI plugin

Just enough items is a forge mod. Our server runs paper which is a fork of spigot > fork of bukkit. Mods are not an option. 

As to new/more weapons, I agree and we are working on that on the backend. 

2 months ago
Sitruk's vote suggestion

As per SitRuk's suggestion, there will now be a monthly reward for the top 3 votes. There is now a leaderboard at spawn for top votes.