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26 days ago
World Download

Is there anyway we could get a copy of the structures we built and or a copy of the world before its wiped clean or is it going to be a complete re-installment of the original world.  

27 days ago
Server still running?

If needed i can send the server to my friends and see if i can get more players on  i really enjoy this server and the people on it i will try to support you in anyway i can. 

27 days ago
Server still running?

Same here although i'm sad to hear that i do hope that we can help in any way we can feel free to contact me on discord.

about 1 month ago
ViaBackwards / ViaVersion / ViaRewind Plugin

Can we get the Via-backwards / Via-Version / Via-Rewind Plugin installed so that people like me who is not always at home and play Minecraft off of another computer such as a Chromebook can get on using a older version of Minecraft and not have the serious side effects  of forcing the computer to  work harder than it has to.

I Play The PovjayLauncher On Chromebook Sometimes.

2 months ago
More Weapons and JEI plugin

can we get more weapons  and the JEI plugin