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Plugins and features

1. Bettersleeping --allows players to sleep to skip the night
2. Brewery -- Allows players to brew/create many types of alcohol including whiskey, gin, beer, wine, and more.
3. Coins -- Slain mobs have a chance to drop their coin purse, giving their murderer a bit of money.
4. Discordsrv--Allows integration with our discord server from in game. do /discord to join the disccord server
5. Essentials--Provides quality of life improvements including /home, /spawn, and more.
6. Factions -- Acts as both land protection and a raiding plugin. You MUST claim any land you build on if you want it to be safe, but remember, if you die, your faction loses power and you may become open to raids.
7. Jobs Reborn-- Our primary economic feature. Do /jobs to choose a job and begin earning money. Higher ranks are able to choose a second job.
8. McMMO-- Adds an RPG element to the server, allowing players to improve their skill in various aspects including swords, axes, mining, and more.
9. Quickshop--This plugin allows our players to have player based shops where they can sell unwanted items to other players.
10. Rankup-- Once you have attained the requirements for each rank you can use this command to rankup to the next rank, earning extra commands.
11. RealisticSeasons--This feature adds a realistic rotation of seasons. Do /season in game to see what the date and time and season is in game. 
12. ViaVersion/viabackwards -- This allows players with clients back to 1.12 to join the server despite the server being on 1.18
13. Wild -- this allows players to teleport to a random location on the map...for a small fee. 

Features added in the interest of fairness

1. Combatlog--This feature ensures that once you enter combat, you can not simply quit the game to avoid death
2. Spartan-- Our current anticheat solution. Movement and aura hacks are displayed for server staff and use of these hacks will result in a ban. 
3. Anti Xray-- We have taken steps to ensure players are unable to use xray hacks or resource packs to gain an unfair advantage.
4. Farmlimiter -- This limits how many animals, mobs, entities may exist within a small area, keeping huge farms from affecting server performance